Our Services

New business setup

We at HMI capital ensure to provide you an affordable business setup, helping you to realize your entrepreneurial dreams and goals.

We assist you to have a clear and precise picture on how to setup and register your company in Dubai.

Setting up your business will not be more easily from now on.

Business Management Services

HMI capital will assist you to manage your business, setting up strategy plan based on local market experience, providing you market research data.

We will assist you in building up your marketing strategy, branding your enterprise. Our clients will be able to focus on their business strategy, and we will work hand by hand to ensure that our clients meet their goals and targets.

HMI capital will assist you in building up your business plan and will go hand by hand until full implementation.

Revenue Management Services

We are committed to help our clients in managing their revenue, from strategy perspective and from collection perspective.

Our goal will always focus on optimizing our clients’ revenue, and ensure cash flow is sufficient to sustain their business. With HMI you will have the full view on your statistics, and the strategy will be always build up based on data driven manner.

We will assist you in building a wide range of corporate networking, which will lead to revenue optimization and your business will always grow in steady state manner.

Medical Tourism Services

Dubai is Turing to be the first choice for medical tourism, HMI capital will assist you in building up a wide network with the main healthcare providers in Dubai. International patients will get an outstanding services from the time they submit their medical report to us.

Investment Management Services

HMI capital will provide the best service for new investors who are coming to Dubai, and for investors in Dubai. We will assist you in obtaining an amazing investing opportunities in UAE. You will be in safe hands as we will help you in getting the best deals for your investing opportunities.